Welcome to Nikkibrooksart.com

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Virginia, Nikki Brooks is a professional artist and art teacher.  She was educated at Virginia Commonwealth University and Lorenzo De Medici’ Italian International Institute in Florence, Italy. She has been an art teacher for 12 years in Virginia and Washington, DC. Nikki has worked professionally in the art world for more than 17 years. She uses mixed media to produce images based on hope, tribulation, and social justice

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Miles - 2013

Miles – 2013

Trane - February - 1994

Trane – February – 1994

26 Birds- 2012

26 Birds- 2012

Sisterhood - 2010

Sisterhood – 2010

Live a Long Life - 2013

Live a Long Life – 2013

Total Praise - 2010

Total Praise – 2010

Heart Burn - 2010

Heart Burn – 2010

Tribute to Mama - 1997

Tribute to Mama – 1997

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